Driving Agriculture Stewardship and Sustainability

through Immersive Learning

Our Goal: 100 Million Farmers and Agriculturalists Trained by 2030

Advancing Agriculture 

We started our journey in 2020 to bring a new way of learning to small holder farmers and those that support them. With immersive learning using virtual and augmented reality, we are growing competentcies as memories, embedding learning for long-term recall.

Our team shown here training farmers and extension services in Chiang Rai, Thailand – 2023

Our first VR module is part of the CropLife International series for sustainability and stewardship. Get it on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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Training With Immersive Works

We are proving that long-term behaviors can be impacted for the better. By helping upskill farmers, they are better stewards of their person and the environment while building more sustainble incomes for their families.

Teach To Sustain, and People Thrive

Farming techniques are learned. Habits become engrained and learning how to better take care of the land, the water resources and overall environment make all of us more secure.

About Us

Our Vision

Global Sustainability for Mankind and the Environment

Farmers around the world using Agricultural Practices that are sustainable and based on best-practices



& Mission

Create skill and knowledge advancement through Immersive Training and Learning.

Raise up the individual and the world will be a better place.


Our Focus is on Results

What We Do

ILSA is delivering results. To those who are trained by our team or through our growing partner network. We measure based on changing behaviors whether that is through proper personal protection equipment selection by farmers when spraying pesticides or in eco-climate choices and regenerative agriculture practices. We learn and grow together.


Content Development


Immersive Training with VR and AR


Content Distribution


Results Measurement


Consulting and Project Management

Partner Network

Our work does not happen without an integrated partner network. We are honored tho have a great, and growing partner network for:

  • Project Sponsorship
  • Boot’s on the ground support for recruitment and training support
  • Universities and other educational institutions
  • Funding Partners
  • NGO’s
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Reducing Adverse Incidents

Farming and those who support agriculture face personal risks whether that is in machinery use, pesticide application, dealing with livestock or other situations. ILSA trains by putting people in digital scenarios for embedding memories.

Food Security

Familes increasingly have to deal withh igh food prices, lack of access to quality produce and staples, and other issues that prevent keeping them confident on their food needs. Our aim is to provide training that improves the production and flow of food to those who need it most.


ILSA is 100% about education and bringing resources to all. We concentrate on immersive tools and getting farmers access to these tools. We are also moving into educational institutions and building a coalition of partners to influence the youth through best-practice agricultural sustainability and stewardship.

Support Us

On the way to training 100 million farmers and agriculturalists by 2030

We have an audacious goal. Get 100 million farmers and other agriculturalists trained and on a system of ongoing learning by 2030. Through our content management system, we are able to delive a growing catalog of content modules and deliver measurable results.

Using virtual reality headsets and phones, farmers around the world are learning to pick PPE items and make sound choices in personal protection.

Train on 4 continents with CroplLife International - Our First Sponsor

Thailand, Kenya, Chile and the United States

Expand our Partner Network for greater expansion

Using GIZ and GFRAS for on-the ground support has given us a headstart. Now it is time to expand.

Show value to funding partners and grow funding base

Our goals deserve support and we aim to deliver results to those who believe in our mission.


Goals for 2024

We are driving awarenes and creating results. Our goals are simpl;e while the mission is always in focus.

Join our Mission and let us help you in yours. Together, we can improve food security, water resource management and cultivate a better environment for generations to come.