CropLife Stewardship Application Modules

CropLife International has been the foundational sponsor of the ILSA initiative. From 2020 to the present, we have worked closely with Andrew Ward and others to craft a solution that would be scalable and have impact.

Our goals focus around influencing behaviors to drive better stewardship practices. The results to date have been better than expected with farmers and agriculturalists wanting more modules and access.

For 2024, our country expansion includes Kenya, Chile and the US. And we are open to other countries and regions as funding allows.

Punjab Region in India - 2021

During the Covid epidemic, our team was able to find a window to travel to Northern India and perform training over several days. We worked with the local team of CropLife India and Rallis India to deliver three modules as part of a coordinated initiative. The acceptance of the technology was overwhelming and we continue to build off this successful pilot.

Container Management

Dealing with empty pesticide containers requires knowledge on rinsing and disposal. This modules goes through how to review the label and prepare a container for proper disposal. In many cases, there are also local resources such as collection sites where containers can be taken.

Northern Thailand 2023

Training is happening as an ongoing practice with help from the Thailand GIZ organization. Over 200 farmers, extension and other agriculturalists have been trained as of November, 2023.

PPE Selection

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is one of the primary modules for the CropLife series. Focusing on getting applicators of pesticides to understand the importance of using proper protection, it uses interruptive techniques such as simulated spray drift and a manequin that has to be equipped to drive home the impact.

Watch this How-to-Video of using a phone with an optical viewing VR device. Click the Play button below.